Who Is Ben Affleck Married To

Title: Ben Affleck's Personal Life: A Look at His Marriage and Relationships
Ben Affleck is an American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter who has had a successful career in Hollywood. Despite his fame and accomplishments, many people are curious about his personal life, including his marriage and relationships. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Ben Affleck's romantic history.
Jennifer Garner
Ben Affleck was previously married to Jennifer Garner, an actress known for her roles in 'Alias' and '13 Going on 30.' The couple met on the set of the movie 'Daredevil' in 2003 and began dating shortly after. They later got married in 2005 and had three children together before announcing their separation in 2015. Their divorce was finalized in 2018.
Lindsay Shookus
After his divorce from Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck began dating Lindsay Shookus, a television producer. The two kept their relationship relatively private, but they were spotted together on several occasions. However, the couple broke up in 2019.
Ana de Armas
In 2020, Ben Affleck began dating actress Ana de Armas, whom he met while filming the movie 'Deep Water.' The couple quickly became one of Hollywood's most talked-about pairings, with paparazzi frequently capturing them on outings and vacations. However, their relationship ultimately ended in early 2021.
Q: Who was Ben Affleck previously married to?
A: Ben Affleck was previously married to actress Jennifer Garner.
Q: Who did Ben Affleck date after his divorce from Jennifer Garner?
A: Ben Affleck dated television producer Lindsay Shookus after his divorce from Jennifer Garner.
Q: Who did Ben Affleck date in 2020?
A: Ben Affleck dated actress Ana de Armas in 2020.
Conclusion Ben Affleck's personal life has been the subject of much interest and speculation over the years, with fans and tabloids alike keen to learn more about his romantic relationships. From his high-profile marriage to Jennifer Garner to his more recent romances with Lindsay Shookus and Ana de Armas, Ben Affleck's love life is a topic that many people are curious about. Whether you're a fan of his movies or simply interested in celebrity gossip, there is plenty to discover about this talented actor and director.

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